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Martial Arts (jujitsu) ...

"Awareness, Confidence, Self Esteem"

We take children from 7 years for our jujitsu classes and children over 15+ years for our adults. We've been running classes in the Luton, Bedfordshire area since 2008. Our classes offer a jujitsu curriculum, including legal reasonable force and self protection tuition plus elements from Geoff Thompson's Real Combat System.

The brand of jujitsu we offer encompasses all combat ranges, striking, kicking, restraints, throws and is highly effective when coupled with the legal elements. People are obsessed with so called 'street wise' systems like Krav Maga - most of the stategies and techniques found in Krav come from jujitsu, and striking arts like Kick and Thai Boxing.

Martial arts is about physical contact. Strange thing to say, but some clubs encourage no-contact training.  Unwarranted aggression is disconconcerting and frightening, if you train in a non-contact martial art then you are ill-prepared. ACS Martial Arts will prepare you: "our strengh is your weakness."

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Geoff Thompson - Real Combat System

Real Combat System ...

Black Belt Magazine USA poll regarding Geoff Thompson, creator of the Real Combat System: "the most influential martial artist in the world since Bruce Lee"

So what is the 'Real Combat system'? For starters, it isn't a huge catalogue of never ending and complicated defensive or fighting techniques, neither is it a defined system or catalogue of techniques, nor is it routed in the ancient traditions of feudal Japan ... but then again, it does contain elements of all these.

The other key element is not self defence but defence of the self. Enriching and educating the individual in all aspects of self improvement - a confident and self assured individual is less prone to acts of violence, so it isn't always just about punchng and kicking.

“David Brown is a wonderful teacher with a great wealth of experience and expertise. He is one of those rare teachers that walk their talk. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in changing their lives through martial arts.”
Geoff Thompson


ACS Kick Jitsu, kickboxing

Kick Jitsu/Kick Boxing ...

This is purely a sport focused discipline, with the emphasis on Boxing and Kick Boxing skills with fitness drills. It's designed to compliment our jujitsu classes increasing the overall skill set plus allowing the children to enjoy the additional edge of competition sparring. Children can grade whereas ladies classes focus more on the fitness elements.   


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