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Jujitsu (acs martial arts)

ACS Martial Arts have been running jujitsu classes in Luton Bedfordshire since 2008. Originally based at Luton Regional Sports Centre (also known locally as Stopsley Sports Centre) the jujitsu club relocated to the new Inspire Luton Sports Village. ACS Martial Arts remained there until October 2014 when it transfered to new premises at ACS MAGFA in Taylor St Luton until January 2017 when ACS MAGFA relocated to its current home: 35 Charles St, Luton.

ACS Martial Arts jujitsu classes can also be found at Lewsey Community Centre. References on the net to classes based in Harpenden and Putteridge are incorrect and we are not responsible for outdated infomation culled from various search engines and never updated.

So what is jujitsu?

It's generally accepted that the samurai clans of feudal Japan were responsible for Ju-jitsu's development and evolution. Sources refer to a 15th century system called Yawara -ge ("peacemaker") which involved armed and unarmed grappling.

This system, along with similar styles associated with other combat schools was probably the biggest influence in the development of Jujitsu towards it's 19th Century form,  although some scholars also point to the influences of both Sumo wrestling and controversionally, the ancient Olympic sport of Pancration.

Whatever it's root origins, the art of Jujitsu is a true martial art in the sense it was developed by the 'military' for combat in war.

Semantics maybe, but arts like Karate are in fact "civilian arts" because they were not originally developed for the battlefield, however it is generally accepted that all combat styles and systems be collectively known as the martial arts, even western style boxing and fencing qualify as martial arts.

Jujitsu was introduced in the west where it was paraded as a musical hall test of 'fighting prowess' by William Barton Wright who created his own art based on Jujitsu and Savate called Bartitsu.

Also sometimes called 'a parent art' ju-jitsu formed the basis or provided the stimulated the creation of other arts such as Judo and Aikido. Brazillian Jui jitsu a superior ground grappling discipline made famous by MMA contests like the UFC owes much of it's creation to Judo rather than traditional Jujitsu.

Generally known in the west  as the 'gentle art' jujitsu practitioners employ a large range of fighting and defensive skills: kicks, strikes, throws, locks, strangles, chokes and ground work. It is a pretty versatile art which today, purists not withstanding, would also include, biting, scratching, pulling hair, head butting, heel stomping and grabbing any other sensitive parts of an attackers anatomy that may come to hand!

Today there are literally hundreds of jujitsu styles and hybrids that it's impossible to catalogue them all or even comprehend the differences. Some school claim a direct connection to the original Samurai schools created in Japan - we don't make any such claims. We have no extended pedigree of masters and grand masters but we do have brilliant coaches.

ACS MAGFA via our ACS Martial Arts brand have been teaching jujitsu to adults and children since 2008 in the Luton and surroundg Beds and Herts areas. Why not come along and give us a try.