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The cardio-vascular and general fitness benefits of boxing need no justification. Boxercise routines and drills provide a great workout. Couple this with intense but manageable excercise routines found in Boxfit and you have a great overall fitness experience. Gym memberships are okay, but sometimes you need to have your thinking processes challenged. Boxercise is equal to this challenge, providing you with all the basic skills found in the ancient art of boxing in a safe fun-filled environment. You don't get punched in Boxercise, pads do, you don't get kicked in Boxercise, kick-shields do. Boxercise is great for:.

Boxercise classes can accommodate all types of physical ability or restrictions. We can tailor classes to suit special groups like schools, cubs, scouts guides and those with learning difficulties.

We run regular, women only, pre-paid classes, at our own ACS MAGFA venue. Visit our ACS Boxercise website.

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The IBFF®- Italian Boxing & Fitness Federation, is the brainchild of Vincenzo Mazzarella and like Boxercise, it is dedicated to fitness using boxing skills and delivers a fast paced, addictive workout.

A perfect companion for Boxercise, we incorporate Group Sparring routines in our regular classes.

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Inspired by the glitz, glamour and tongue in cheek vibrancy of Bollywood movies, our Jhoom dance-fitness classes present you with an all over high energy, workout that's loads of fun and challenging. It'll even exercise your eyes with all those over-the-top eyebrow raises and fluttering lashes plus, all that arm flailing is the ideal thing for bingo wings!

These are bespoke classes. Created specifically for small, groups, families, ice breaker sessions. So if you fancy a go then register your interest


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We offer a range of exercise and fitness related classes and offer these at our own Luton based studio, or arranged Bootcamps. We can offer sessions for individuals, families, youth and social groups or just about any other permutation or group exercise classes. We can even supply you a recipe plan to aid with your diet aspirations and weight loss visit our ACS FITNESS website.


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